Are we sane in all our sanity?



They say a ship never sinks with the water around it, it’s the water that gets into it, that causes it to sink. True!!!!! More philosophical than practical. We all know that no ship was ever designed to sink. It was made to gloriously sail to beautiful destinations.

It’s the rough seas, hidden icebergs, and unfavourable circumstances during its path of a voyage that weakens it externally, damages it internally and eventually causing it to buckle under wrecking torrents. 

It’s very easy to say “a person should be strong and have a brave heart, anything less than that is a sign of cowardliness. People are foolish to break down and ruin their own lives.” or “Why do they let their lives depend on the behaviour of others” or worse still, we pass comments like “They are too timid and hypersensitive creatures.” 

While we are so busy judging others with a pinch of salt, for our own petty needs and satisfaction, we tend to go overboard and overdo it at times, failing to realize that we are talking about a human in question and not some extraterrestrial or genetically modified being, devoid of every human emotion while being programmed with supernatural powers to overcome any situation.

In all our pride, sanity and insensitive condemning, we make life more miserable for a person with severe depression causing no end of emotional pain to their already traumatized state. 

In many cases, we never even know how many scars of unsung battles they have already silently endured over the years, which have marked not just their lives but cut deep into their souls.

What we often forget, is that we can never know what another person is going through until we face the same and it’s nothing but an act of ignorance to compare or predict ways in which and how our body mechanism would act or react on the same scale.

When we know we are directly or indirectly the cause of someone’s sadistic situation, we try our level best to deny the facts. Reason? We feel intimidated by accepting it, so we choose the easier way by questioning the EQ of our victims.

What most of us do in the bargain is collect a bunch of enablers for acceptance and judge, make fun of, criticise, ostracize and blame, in the process of safeguarding our own individual vested interests and fake images, but if the same has to ever happen with us we will never know where we stand.

They say that the universe gives you what you attract, the more self-assertive, self-righteous and selfish we are becoming the more cruel, insensitive and commercial we are making our surroundings.

We, humans, are on a higher rung of life for a reason and that reason stands us apart from other living beings. Participating in and blindly practicing in animalism is a threat to humanity.
Remember, compassion and tolerance is the only key to any healthy society and if still, people are emotionally suffering, then there is something very wrong with us and not with them.

© Annadine Charles.



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  1. OJ's Pride says:

    This is beautiful written & well expressed. This is life.

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    1. Thank you OJ…I’m just trying to do my bit by spreading awareness and love.

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      1. OJ's Pride says:

        And you’re doing a good job at it ✌🏾

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