Two sides of the same coin.

Writing Prompt.

Mary Washington is a small business owner who runs a very successful bakery in the Boston suburbs called “Sweet Dreams”. Much of Mary’s business comes from weddings and wedding cakes. Mary was raised in a devoutly Catholic family, and is proud to have raised her children in the same tradition. James Lee and his fiancé David, who have been a couple for the last 8 years, were very excited to get their wedding cake from “Sweet Dreams”. But when they contacted Mary to order their cake, they were shocked when she refused them service on the grounds of her religious convictions. Mary notified James and David that her Catholic faith prevented her from being able to contribute her work to a same sex marriage ceremony.

Mary’s Perspective.

My Oh my’ Just see the audacity of Mr. James Lee and his stupid so-called fiance David, how dare they even dream of getting me to be a part of their disgusting little marriage. I would rather give my cakes for free than to have them cut it at their creepy reception. My grandmother would be turning in her grave on hearing something like this. Same-sex marriage eh! What on earth are they going to try next? Well, when I was married, father said I now pronounce you husband and wife. I wonder who among them would be the husband and who the wife. ( laughs ) So unnatural! God made man and then he made a woman and not a man for a man. The very idea of spending 8 years together was sinful and evil to the core. No way! they could go search any other halfpence bakery in the whole of Boston but not ‘Sweet Dreams’ for sure, in fact, no Catholic bakery would encourage something like this. It’s against God, it’s against religion. If these guys think I’m gonna wash my hands in their evil stream, they gotta be kidding. The new generation and their monkey tricks but thankfully my children are well raised in the traditional Catholic ways and habits and know the difference between good and evil, I could tell by the way they made signs to me to refuse the order even before I could, Thank God they have that much sense. My mother was always careful not to let the outer world influence the way she raised me and my brothers, she made us strong in faith and vessels of obedience to the Lord. She never once entered the church without a scarf over her head, I remember running behind her holding on to my little bonnet. How could I throw away my God-fearing self and serve two sinful creatures?

James Lee’s Perspective.

How rigid for a woman to be, she must learn how to keep her professional and personal life apart. What does she mean by “I can’t serve you”? What are we, inhuman aliens or something? What does she think her bakery to be? Sweet Dreams is not the only bakery in the whole of Boston, though David so very much wanted to have our wedding cake from Mary’s bakery, but that was only for the good reputation it has held for years of specializing in wedding cakes, that doesn’t mean she has the right to hurt peoples sentiments. “Against her religious convictions”, says she. huh!. Orthodox Crap, I have heard enough of that type of illogical statements all the days of my life. This is not right, that is not right, damn humbug! I didn’t choose to be gay, I was born this way. As kids when my brothers played baseball, I loved dressing dolls. In college, the so-called boys wooed girls, while all I found it all so silly. Their continuous teasing me for being the way I was and not able to fit in, made me attempt suicide a few times. way back then I didn’t know that God had something else in store for me and I didn’t know nothing until I met David 8 years back in these very suburbs of Boston, where I struggled to find my identity and found him instead.  David gave new meaning to my life making it worth living.  What can we do if we are made the way we are and feel for each other and want to live a happy life together. Why does religion have to be an issue for what God has created, when will the world understand that the third gender is as human as the two other and does have sexual as well as feelings of love like any other human? When will the world open its mind and heart to the uncommon yet God made?

© Annadine Charles.


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