Grandma’s tales of inspiration.


If hell is the word for suffering, she was in something worse. Myra a daughter of a farmer with a baren patch of land and some piles of rocks, spent her childhood always in want and need. But she had a treasure of faith in the Lord, with the unceasing dreams of miracles she grew a little more courage each day. Her dreams were adventurous, powerful and inspiring for in them she held the silver spoon of fortune and good luck. Her father, being the only breadwinner passed away one day and even though Myra worked in place of him at a local farm she was not able to make ends meet for herself and her two younger siblings and often slept hungry. But Myra continued to recite parts of her dreams, that ignited hope and determination to withstand the bad days as she called them though she had never seen good ones to truly know the difference, being devoid of basic needs felt worse than bad. Myra continued to feed her siblings with what she had in abundance. She nourished them with hope for a better tomorrow. It wasn’t long when Myra thanked God for blessing her with a rich husband, who took care of Myra’s family, She saw the onset of good days, plenty of food and clothes for her younger ones. The tables had changed, Myra could now live out her dreams in her new home. Courage, determination, and faith made her dreams come true.

© Annadine Charles.


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