Forever Mine!


Matty don’t force me, it’s too soon, I’m not ready for it right now, In fact I’m not ready for anything, I don’t want any more heart breaks. Veronica cautioned while drawing up the blanket to her chin.
Just give it a try. You know you’re never gonna be ready if you are left to yourself, shake off those damn blues and do the catwalk Babe, there is much more to life than that stupid Jerk. You know what? I’m glad he’s gone.
You said that for my last boyfriend too. whined Veronica.
No seriously, he wasn’t your type in any case. I mean look at you, you’re young, beautiful and so damn hot. Anyone would kill for you sweetheart! I wish I had even half the charm you radiate, then the world would be at my feet like Cleopatra or Nefertiti. 
Hold on to your imagination, it’s flying away with you Matty. Veronica quirked with a frown that looked much better on her face than the tears she had been spending time with under her blanket for the past one week. 
Hey! listen, We are going to the pub tonight and I’m not gonna take no for an answer, so you better get up and get dressed.
Lets see what you have here, Matty pulled open Veronica’s wardrobe which was filled with drab old-fashioned clothes that were Mark’s taste and sense of style. Now that Mark was gone so should everything that would remind Veronica of him go too thought Matty as she wrenched them all for the hangers and flung them to the floor.

Phew!!! Not a single garment here that spells positivity. Matty sighed.
Mark liked me wearing ankle length dresses, he said they looked modest.
Ya, ya modest my foot! That guy was too damn possessive of you. It’s the twenty-first century for heaven sake! Consider yourself lucky enough to be free from that self-righteous idiot.
Bending over the bed Matty reached for Veronica’s blanket and tugged at it.
I have a little black dress and a new pair of red stilettos, I could lend them to you if you promise to give Stephen a fair chance to win your heart. What are good friends for anyways, giggled Matty while tickling Veronica’s ribs…..

                                                            TO BE CONTINUED.

© Annadine Charles


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