The culprit within.


What are emotions and why are we so vulnerable
when it comes to the matter of our hearts being miserable. 

Little weaklings in carcasses of huge creatures we transform
in one-fourth of a second to cold blooded from warm.

Swelling our meek image to larger than life
with red fangs of cruelty, we snarl and strife. 

Amygdala they say is to blame for it all,
he playfully winds and unwinds the strings to our call.

Harping a blue rhythm for our feet to sway
and Foxtrot to his desires in a fancy way.

So next time you see someone on a high tide
hold him not responsible for the dark horse he rides.

It’s probably that clever wizard at work
who’s throwing spells of anger, for people to twerk.

© Annadine Charles.


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