Rules unwritten.

What is failure?

How would we define that a person has failed?
Who concludes this?
What criteria is used to come up with such a decision?
Is it universal or just a word to suit ones need of dominating another?
Ah!! Now I get it.
After all, how do you make a line appear longer? You just draw a smaller one adjacent to it. It’s nothing but a comparison wilfully created. If there is no failure, then how could they crown success. Too damn mean!!!! I hate these bunch of hypocrites, that doom someone to make someone else look larger than life. We are all humans with our individual shortcomings. Yes that’s more of it. ‘Shortcomings’. It’s a hundred times better than the branded and imprinted word ‘Failure’ that tends to weigh someone down. 
Shriti sat at her table bubbling and fuming with all these thoughts. She looked like she could take on the world, all by herself. After all how dare they! She grunted. Who on earth they think they are?    ( To be Continued )

Copyrighted by Annadine Charles.


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