Care for what matters.

emoticons-405762_1920The crux of all hurt in life is not what people, situations or some may say fate does to us, it’s not even the helplessness of being on the lower rung of life that makes us vulnerable. Rather it’s the confusion we breed on what we want and the rush to realize those fragmental cloudy desires that lead us into deep shit.

Yes! not just deep shit but piles and piles of it. We go on to assume that our lives stink and those blessed souls around us are enjoying and having a gala time, at least that’s what we gather from their lives by envying the Haves and Have-Nots. So we presume by shaking off a bit of shit on others and getting our back on them, will eventually make us feel much better.

And you know what? It actually works sometimes, because we humans don’t want to solve a problem. What will we do once everything is all so good and in place? We uneasy beings would be terribly bored and deprived of all the drama.

Being a nobody is a terrifying thought, the bottom line is, subconsciously we all want to feel validated, and attract plenty of attention, negative or positive is immaterial. So in order to feel a Somebody,  now starts the familiar sport of producing plenty of more shit out of the illusionary industry of lies and nonsense. Now starts the Blame Game.

We keep fooling ourselves by begging God to deliver us from our immediate woes and as soon as we are on the brink of getting out of it, we go on to create new ones, for that’s what we really want is more hurt to sustain our being on the pretext of peace.

Words of wisdom huh! I thought so when I was told this by someone who professed to know all philosophy of the heavens and earth. Someone I unintentionally encountered in a local train from Kolkata to Dhanbad. The appearance of the saffron robe with unkempt hair, scruffy beard and vermillion to mark his brown forehead, typical to his profession and calling played an important role in adding value to his words. You know the mental setup of ‘When the eyes perceive reverence the mind follows’ kind of stuff.

He claimed to know all about life and its counterpart death, all reasons of hurt and happiness, all remedies to the worst catastrophes. Confessing how his penance and sacrifices, overwhelmed God, who revealed the secrets of the universe to him. bestowing on him unpresidential power over other humans, he could read the future and also the minds of people.
Kinda superpowers. eh! As crazy as his theories were about my future and the lines on my palm, that much ‘in case he might be true factor’ lingered in the air.

Pondering on his words for years and giving a shit to whatever he said, I found myself studying human behaviour and demarking human emotions by partaking in situations which uncovered the raw reality of action and reaction, Something Newton had published years back, his theory in physics which stated that Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Well, Newton was no God-man yet his knowledge held true for almost everything in life. We intentionally or unintentionally set a ball rolling and then wonder how the heck it gathered up such momentum to display grudge and hatred, and then go on to make it worse by reacting to it.

We often find ourselves pleading for mercy from our exploiters or loved ones, for when the supreme power of deciding how much should we take, lies within our hands. It’s the shit we give to a situation that gives us back ten folds of it. It’s the attention we pay on insignificant things that mess up our vision of what really matters and what is not worth a sigh. It’s what we attract, is what we get.

© Annadine Charles.


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