The woman next door.


“Oh my gosh!!! What the heck is going on” yelled my father as he slipped on his slippers, snatched a shirt from the leg side of his bed and reached for the main door. Jumping out of my room with shorts and a vest I ran behind him to see what happened.
The neighbors were barking at each other like wild dogs. They had crossed all limits and stood outside her house with sticks in their hands. It was her once again, standing in her balcony and challenging the entire gang.

In full form, she waved her fist and fanned out her fangs. Daring any son of a bitch to try his tricks. What a woman! I admired.

“I’m enough to take on the lot of you bastards. You slimy worms. I don’t care a damn who you are, if you dare step into my house, I’ll knock the shits out of you.”

“Step in? oh! Drag the bitch out and land her, she’s a real witch.” They growled.

.“Come down and see what we’ll do with you, what the hell are you showing off from up there.” one of them tried to agitate her but she was not going to fall for that.

She as well as they were wise enough to know that according to the law if someone enters your house without your permission they will be put in for trespassing. So neither she would come out of her gate nor they would take the risk of entering her house.

My father and I had recently shifted into this new place which was a few kilometers away from town, thinking it would be a peaceful place to practice freelancing. I had just graduated and decided to take up my father’s profession and help him as well.

Abusing and cursing without really mentioning what the actual ‘hue and cry’ was all about, they carried on threatening each other for an hour and a half. The peace that we ventured here to find was now in pieces. The last time we saw her shouting at the top of her voice was when someone threw a dead rat into her compound.

“Coming here was the best thing we ever did, eh! Son” my father turned to me and said while scratching his bald head and smiling sarcastically.

“Enjoy the music dad, these buggars are real fun,” I smirked and laughed.

Still wondering what the real matter was, we hung around watching their nonsense from a distance, that went on and on. My dad strongly believed in Newton’s third law.
“Every action has an equal and opposite reaction,” he said. There has to be something to all this.

It was so confusing. Why were they all up against this one pathetic soul and what could have driven her to this stage of madness? But for me, it was nothing more than an action clip from a third rated movie scene with humorous overacting.

I had seen women before and then I saw her.

“Woah oh Man! this woman has a gun throat,” I commented while continuing to admire her.ย 

“Not only a gun throat dude, I admire her stamina and courage, I mean look at her man, short and skinny with one leg in the grave, yet she is able to single-handedly take on the entire lot of them. Isn’t she hot?” a sweet yet crisp voice joined in.
So engrossed in the entire drama, little did I realize that my landlord’s beautiful daughter was checking me out from her portico…..

To be continued.

ยฉ Annadine Charles.



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  1. OJ's Pride says:

    Lovely composure, is what I see every time I read your post. Good work๐Ÿ‘

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