Myra Rose

Myra lay on the cold floor while Bruno licked her lush lips that smelt of what we can call a cocktail of Vodka and vomit. The door barely shut rattled against her red stilettos and so, did the dreamcatcher that danced to the fancy of playful breeze coming from the balcony which she very often forgot to shut before leaving for work. Her half empty purse with nothing more than just a few credit bills and a coin or two lay beside her splendid body with its strap still entangled around her arm very close to the scar on her wrist, almost covering it like a bandage. They seemed united after all both were gifts from the same person.

The chilled sea breeze started to work into a storm and banged shut the entrance door, bringing Myra to her senses with its loud sound that almost startled her.

wiping the drool off her face she managed to brush Bruno off, grab onto the rickety side table and partially straighten herself up before staggering towards her bed. All she wanted was to sleep for the moment, a perfect escape from her worse nightmare which was about to catch up with her with the first rays of the morning sun.

© Annadine Charles.


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