Let’s say we were strangers and never knew each other from Adams and yet there were these strong vibes that were way beyond any comprehension that seemed to send signals of familiarity to every neuron in the structure of our being.
So much so when our eyes met they penetrated not just the cornea but the depths of our soul and we discovered an entire galaxy of emotions within us, where the homogamous amalgamated instincts overpowered our logical perspective and carried us to a higher realm of an unexplainable fondness irrelevant of human biasness and societal ties.

How often have we found a face in the crowd that has taken more than just a look to get over with? Is it mere coincidence against all odds or a deep longing that connects us by some unseen forces and we find ourselves with strong invisible strings attached.

If we were asked why we felt that way? Probably we wouldn’t have an answer and would end up saying ‘There is something about that person, I don’t know what, but there is definitely something that draws me closer.”  We could blame it on the laws of attraction or something to do with the stars controlled by astrology, numerology or even the intervention of divinity.

I have heard people say that they have this strange feeling of being in a particular place with a particular person at some point of time and they could guess the way that person would laugh, speak or even pitch ideas, including the accent and style and yet they have never met before. Surprisingly nine out of ten times their guesses are quite authentic and to the T.

Here the art of correlating our existing knowledge and experiences with what we see in front of us, may be a technique of predicting. But what is freakish is the close to accuracy that Nails it.
Call it what you want but we can’t devalue the fact that our existence is supreme in this universe and our brain is a portal to many dimensions beyond the threshold of science.  

© Annadine Charles.


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