Part – 2

It’s kind of strange how no one in the office is grumbling or even mentioning her name. How come they are leaving the golden chance to criticise Zelda? How come they are breaking their own ritual of targeting for once? This is very unlike of them, my gut feelings warned me.
They have always made full use of every single opportunity to pull those to pieces who have happened to have the courage and some self-respect to stand against the tyranny of ‘His SHE’. 
Curious and concerned I watched them as I walked down the corridor. They all seemed so cheerful. I wondered what brought about this new revolution in their behaviour?.
It was the first day at work after the holidays and Zelda was missing again!!! Depression sure is a serious issue, a life spent in depression can be a total nightmare. I hoped she would recover soon and prayed under my breath as I recalled her last attack which was awful.
They say material things are temporary, the personalised red coffee mug on my table which read Zara and Zelda printed on its surface was still as good as new, yet the one who gifted it to me, was marked with scars of sorrow and a low self esteem.  
Looking away with a dampened mood I sighed with sadness. What a plight! A lovely charming young soul could be reduces to a nervous wreck.
My heart pained to think how they could destroy a person like this and that too, to please ‘His SHE.’ 
The peon knocked for formality and entered my cabin even before I could permit him, his presence, brought me back to my own situation which was no better than Zelda’s. He dumped a pile of stuff on my table.
“What’s that” I enquired. 
“Zelda ma’am’s files” he grunted with a smirk on his face.
“Why, is she on leave?” 
“No, She had to resign.”
“Resign? But why?”
leaving my words unheard he walked away slowly I guess he knew we were being watched…..                  ( to be continued )

© Annadine Charles.


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