His SHE.


Varied thoughts were flooding her mind, she felt her heart beating much, much slower than the usual, slow enough to reduce the suction of her lungs to deep meaningful breaths of pure determination.
Her eyes refusing to coordinate with her brain, developed blurred images, that flashed on the walls of her cortex returning back unrecognised. She struggled to make sense of her surroundings, while her muscles trembled and threatened to lose control. Her legs giving way under the weight of her body which was well moist in smears of perspiration. And she wondered what went wrong?

                                                                                                                                                                  ‘High levels of anxiety’ the reports suggested and the medical practitioner ‘antidepressants’. Demanding a total co-operation and a promise to avoid stress, she was prescribed complete bed rest. But the question here was, Was it all that easy? For what brought her to this was still very much a part of her life and now she was tired to even recall how many unsung battles of survival she had fought in her past……………….       ( to be continued )


© Annadine Charles.


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