Yearnings of change.


Over the hills

in a far away land
where daffodils bloom
beside soft golden sand.

Where melodious robins 
flutter and sing in glee 
and dew filled buttercups
tell tales of an odyssey.

Where tuffs of velvet
cover the cherry blossom trees
and distant swarms of lavender
send fragrance in the breeze.

Where the gentle rays
of the morning light
playfully dance on a
silver stream with delight. 

Where the rainbow glows
in a painted sky
where peace is visible
and soothing to the eye. 

Where right and wrong
are reduced to fragments of dust
and we gloriously rise above 
greedy desires and lust. 

There my friend 
I would want us to be
aligned with our inner selves
in a world of ecstasy. 

Copyrighted by Annadine Charles.



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