Reinstating life.


There comes a time in life when we earnestly desire to quit whatever we have been habitually doing over the years. That which has eventually drained us of are very being.  A time when looking into the mirror becomes a tedious task of trying hard to find the person we once were but each time we are highly disappointed by seeing someone entirely different.
Is it not us or have we forgotten to recognise ourselves? In the process of making a life we have had no time to live our individual lives or to take a close look at what life has been doing to us all along.
The slow yet constant process of change, changes a lot more than just what’s visible to the naked eye. It changes our ideologies, our opinions and even the way we perceive insignificant trivial matters . We find that we have been struggling to live upto the expectations of others, we talked like them, we walked like them, we laughed and cried like them. We were subconsciously riding on a merry-go-round, craving for acceptance, trying to please and fit into a society that was not untouched by change itself.
And then one fine day. As if out of nowhere comes a strange feeling. A feeling of enlightenment that dawns on us, like a sudden stream of consciousness that takes over and urges us to get out of the rut we have been following in thoughts, in actions and in deeds right through our lives. It’s a feeling of a renaissance about to begin within us.
We find it hard to control the churning, twisting, frightening desire to explode and say enough is enough. To mutter the courage and make a decision to swim against the tides. To feel our presence, to feel alive, to feel one with the universe as we re-place our feet, firm and strong to rebuild ourselves once again.
It takes a lot to start out on a new journey with limited resources of time and age. The first step in this direction is usually a compulsion, a drought of emotions or a natural tragedy that pushes us to restart.
Yes! that’s what we call it, a “Restart”.
But can we really restart in the true sense?
What happens to the baggages of our past that we have been carrying over the years?
How do we deal with the sea of memories that have flooded every fraction of our existence?
It seems impossible to un-write the story of our lives in order to re-write a brand new one, that is not influenced by the persona or personality we once amounted to be.
The only way to Restart towards a new and fulling life is by accepting ourselves completely, the way we are, with all our cuts and bruises, hurts and sighs.
Gathering up every piece of our incompetence, inabilities and inefficiencies that combine to make us the person we are today. They serve as experience and lessons to rise above them all with double the determination to achieve our true identity. 

Copyrighted by Annadine Charles.  


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