Try to see with the lights Dim

Be careful of words dipped in
honeysuckle dew
for they are meant to sweep you off your feet
incase you never knew.

Be aware of fake smiles
with sudden squint eyes
for what hides behind them
could be enormously framed lies.

Be sharp enough to cut through
the thick maze of deceit
for once you are lost
the chances are faint of retreat.

Be careful, be aware, be sharp enough to know
that wolves often hide inside sheep skin
waiting to devour you
with a more than friendly grin.

Unless you’re a moth that enjoys
the flattering momentary flame
or smitten with false praise
you love being part of the game.

Copyrighted by Annadine Charles.



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  1. All what is stated above in a poetic genre is very much true to fleeting life!

    How do I know?

    Well, I experienced it myself all along; and so, I can easily identify myself with all that!

    Thanks 🙏 to Michelle. I am all the more alert 🚨 now!

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  2. Jack says:

    I know ɑ sport we wll play that is like Ⅾaddfy іis talking about.?
    Mommy saіd making both bkys want to know the gamе a lot.
    ?It?s known as ?Whatѕ the best thing about God. Andd eacһ of us has to give you one actually gгeat point ѡе like about God.
    Who neers to go first?? Lee and Larry jumped and shоuted ?ME ME!?
    waving their paⅼms in the air like they do at scһool.
    Finally, Mommy ѕаid, ?Nicdely Lee, ѕincⲭe you ɑre two minutes
    oⅼder than Larry, you can gߋ first.


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