Peril of vicissitude.


A jar full of dreams stood waiting for me
In a secret place of a pure fantasy.

I added to it all my heart’s desire
Filling it to the brim with sparkles of fire.

I saved it for days of struggle and strife
When I need it most to brighten my life.

But soon I quivered engulfed by reality
The world was tough, iced by artificiality.

I lost my childhood, Its innocence and joy
Only to grow up becoming a robotic toy.

I worked for days and nights at hand
To achieve my aim of success so grand.

I got the success that I longed to touch
But the price I had paid was way too much.

Losing something precious along the stream of time
The passion to mellow and giggle and gloriously chime.

And then I realised how I missed that jar
I had secretly kept but now was so far.

A jar full of dreams that had stood waiting for me
In a secret place of a pure fantasy.

Copyrighted by Annadine Charles.



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  1. No need looking back for that “something precious” lost in our life’s journey!
    Let’s Keep dreaming and hold on to our jars of dreams and pure fantasies!
    Let’s keep on looking ahead, leaving the past behind!

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    1. Glad you took the time to read it😊


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