Divinity Divine


I could cry myself a river and rise back as a storm. Yet you think I Am Weak? No, it’s not your fault, it’s what you are taught to believe in generation after generation, like some old cranky tune in the air that has swept into every heart making its way into families and cultures over oceans, skies and planes.
I am the one who has borne a soldier, king and knight a like. Yet you think I Am Weak? Or is it your fault for not mending your ways, for not giving me the respect I deserve, for not rewriting the scrolls of your self-proclaimed “You’re the almighty” notion, so that the ones to come may know for themselves my worth and strength rather than be conditioned by your drastic comparisons.
Change your vision of a delicate and pathetic me. Maybe then you would be able to see my contribution to your survival and existence, I have not just brought you into this world, taught you to stand on your own two feet or cooked your food and nourished your flesh for thousands of years. I have sustained humanity. Yet you think I Am Weak?
It’s time I clear your misconceptions, for it’s a plight that you presume I am indebted to be your slave as you profess to have shielded me from all harm by giving me patronage under the wings of your reign. let me tell you that while I made your four walls heaven for you, I went through hell trying to see to the needs and comforts of you and your offsprings, losing my identity behind your smiles.
Endurance and sacrifices are a part of my nature and Yet you think I Am Weak?
While you are all boggled up struggling to do two jobs at the same time, I have the ability to multitask and solve my own as well as your problems too with great ease. Don’t just take me for granted for all that I do or all that I am.
My heart may be fragile but not my courage, I hold an iron willpower to win battles of any kind. Yet you think I AM WEAK!!!!!

Copyrighted by Annadine Charles



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  1. Oh No 🤦‍♂️, my dear!
    No, I don’t think you are weak! We are strong in the Lord 🙏👌!
    Even if you could cry 😭 yourself a river, I wouldn’t let you cry 😭 for FB says you are the second half of my heart 💝 and I don’t cry 😭!
    Now, that’s “Divinity Divine”, if understood you correctly🤷‍♂️

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  2. Jerry Peri says:

    This is Divine voice!
    What do you think of what I wrote about “The Sons Of God”? http://www.jerriperri.com/sons/
    I also wrote about God, pls check it too

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    1. Sure…will check it out.

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    2. Good work Jerry, that’s an eye opener for many who lost souls…

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      1. Jerry Peri says:



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