The love of humanity

The love of humanity

drained into a pod.
Was found by a woman
who knew the love of God.

Soon that pod
had taken root.
And now a tree
was bearing fruit.  

The woman indeed
was no ordinary.
She seemed like an angel
or some lost fairy.

Sent by God for the
ones who plead.
The lepers, the hungry or
those paying for their deeds.

She never judged
but cared for them all.
With a frail bent body
the love for the poor stood her tall.

She walked the streets
and begged from the rich.
With slippers on her feet
and clothes of a simple stitch.

And this she did
never for herself.
But for the ones
who needed her help.

The fruits of humanity
she shared with them all.
For she knew God’s mercy
and followed his call.

copyrighted by Annadine Charles.


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  1. “For she knew God’s mercy and followed His call”! Who is she?

    She shared “fruits of humanity” with the helpless humanity for in all humanity she saw the divine!

    Equipped with the love of God she served the needy; and, in doing so she served not herself nor helpless humanity; but, she served the Creator of humanity Whom she saw in the helpless humanity.

    Who is she? She is not mere ‘Mother Teresa’; nor, a ‘pod that grew into a tree bearing fruit’, but certainly a living saint! For in as much as she has done it to the least needy, she has done it unto Him who died for all humanity!

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