Silence pure silence,
the nothingness of all chaos.
No beginning and no end,
the feeling of the ultimate,
the feeling of being.

No answers and no asking,
just the awareness of existence.
Drifting and flowing with no destination,
preoccupied has no meaning,
proactive is not a word.

Beauty, language or the body,
is insignificant and void.
Place or time has no limitation,
such is the soul and its virtues,
That knows true peace from above.

copyrighted by Annadine Charles.


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  1. Author Annadine Charles posits the “virtuous soul” as the one that experiences, rather enjoys, ‘true peace from the Above’!
    What makes the soul virtuous? Irrespective of the place or time in which the soul finds itself, the soul places no value on the body in which it resides; so also language and beauty are insignificant rather void to the virtuous soul.

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