You’re all I need


Holding your little finger
I’m almost one fourth your size
waiting at your service Papa
I’m standing by your side.

I listen to all you say
though I understand what I want
and usually end up making
similar tales of an amalgamated chant.

When I find you lost elsewhere
I try my level best
to regain your kind attention back
and ignoring all the rest.

What you call the antics
of a troublesome child
are only desperate gestures
that seem unlawfully wild.

Papa I am yours
a part of your childhood is in me
even when I’m all grown up
it will always be a We.

As the wheel of time spins
and age may not be too kind
you might find it hard to keep up
and may even get left behind.

Holding your little finger
will see you smile with pride
for once again at your service Papa
I’ll be standing by your side.

copyrighted by Annadine Charles.


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