Cogent Virile


He sang his heart out with sweet surrender,
to those he promised to adore and render.
If only they could understand him for once,
and ceased treating him like a cursed confounded dunce.

Stop being a pussy they chided and laughed,
you are a man not a woman all scarfed.
Grow up, be strong and face the world,
where life is tough and curses are hurled.

Inspite he chose to yell out all that he could,
of his troublesome sorrows and over expectations of manlihood.
That haunted the playful boy in him,
drowning his joys with tears of grim.

Ignoring him they continued to do the things that they did,
The woman in every man behind a stereotype image they hid.
Though they succeeded in silencing a voice so strong,
he still secretly weeps as crying out is distinguishably wrong. 

Can we divide humans in terms of weakness?
Is a man only a man of his manliness?
How unfair it is for a while I thought,
a woman can weep loud but a man cannot….


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