He came to me as a distant dream

with a promise to love me forever for sure.


He drifted away each time I reached

and called out to me from farther more.


I wandered in search of an image of him

paranoid by the seeds of lies he sow.


My quest led me to hideous places

where deserts with thorns and weeds grow.


Lonely I wept tears of blood

injured with deceit, wiped-out in a blow.


He stood at a distance watching me die

struggled, drowned, washed onto the shore.



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  1. Poem “BROKEN” depicts a sad end of the deserted lover! Very often, we come across such love-tragedies and lovers ditched by the fake and uncaring lovers. It’s unbearable even to imagine it happening; but, very often its true of life! Very painful, na? And, with no solution!

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