A Journey Together


I don’t want your footprints

or your trails left in sand

Where waves come so frequently

and wash them off the land.


I don’t want your words

to linger in my mind

Or to form memories

that with age will decline.


I don’t want your company

like a passing phase

Where my heart longs for you

and I miss these blissful days.


I want you for a reason

and that reason is all so clear

Not to walk me to the caravan

but to travel with me my dear.


For you are all I have

and you are all I need

You are the one who gives me strength

your love is the air I breathe.


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  1. “You are all I need” is what each life partner longs for during life’s Journey Together with him/her!

    Each one needs the other, for mutual support and strength; and thus bask in each other’s loveđź’‘!

    Yet, each life partner will do well to listen to poet Kahlil Gibran , when he tells us: “Let there be space in your togetherness”!

    As otherwise, one is likely to get choked in the midst of “blissful days”, reaching to the caravan, instead of being together “until death do us part”!

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